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    Lost Foam Casting Services

    While our founders were giving name to the company, Thought of the word "Runner" keep moving forward is our company's aim What does Runner do? We have three branch factories: Aluminum Die Casting Foundry; Precision Casting Foundry; Stamping Factory CNC Machining Workshop Providing service...
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    N-乙基-2-吡咯烷酮是一种强极性有机溶剂。具有高化学稳定性,弱碱性,高溶解力,低蒸汽压力和低介电损耗系数等特点。 N-乙基-2-吡咯烷酮NEP 产品名称NEP(N-乙基-2-吡咯烷酮) CAS No.2687-91-4 联合国号 ENS No.220-250-6 SpecificationsPurity(%)99.5%分钟 含水量0.1%最大值 颜色(铂 - 钴)30max GBL0.1%以下 胺(GC)最大0.3% 密度g / ml0.990-0.999 折射率N20d1.4660-1.4670 Use / ApplicationIndustry Class: Uses in to...
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    China sink drain with round cover suppliers

    Established in 2000, the Yuhuan Tailian Metal Production Company is a premier manufacturer and supplier of a large range of domestic sink, bath and shower drainer products. Using state of the art production equipment, our experienced staff can design and manufacture superior high quality...
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    Light Blocking cellular fabric

    5.褶皱尺寸 蜂窝状阴影形成优异的遮光色调的原因之一是由于中空的蜂窝状设计。这些单元的构造方式使其易于吸入空气并隔离窗户,最常用的尺寸如下: 小蜂窝色调:3/8“电池(25mm) 中型蜂窝帘:9/16“(38mm) 大型蜂窝色调:3/4“色调(45mm) 光阻挡细胞织物 网址: