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Sep 12, 2018
Hanging Car Air Freshener
1. Hanging car air freshener feature
a) Suitable for car, home and indoor use.
b) New products with perfect design
c) different fragrance with different color, long lasting scents
d) Purpose widely, fragrance is pure lasting, moisturizing and skincare, no stimulation
e) Car fresheners with a nice and different kinds of fragrance

2.Product Image
Item NoLD-5
Product nameRise hanging car air freshener
Net weight12ml

4.Factpry and production
Company profile:
1.Export certificate are available.
2.A lot of experience and sufficient strength
3.Strict Inspection
4.Excellent quality
5.Competitive price
6.Great after-service

5.The instruction of hanging car perfume:
1.Take away cover
2.Unscrew the wooden cover
4.Back into wooden cover
5.Inversion 3 seconds
6.Put back into the shell
7.Department and rearview mirror, please be careful not to affect the driver’s view
Q1: Do I have to hang the car scent on the rearview mirror?
A2:No, you don’t. We think it looks better there, but if for any reasons you don’t want to hang the car condition fresher on the rearview mirror, just place it under the seat or in the back. The product will function exactly the same.

Q2: what's the best wavy to freshen up the smell of your car?
A2:New car smell is mostly off gassing from vinyl and plastic components. That smell is actually not good for you, and manufacturers are trying to cut it by using different manufacturing techniques. The reason artificial new car smell will smell different is no fragrance manufacturer would intentionally place volatile organics in a sprayer. They formulate other ingredients to smell like new cars. If you own leather though, some leather wipes will add leather smell back to your seats, which is a healthier start. so you can choose XYS car perfume and help u solve the problems.

Q3: Can this car fragrance evaporate faster if car is parked in sun?
A3: Yes , But this kind car perfume can easily last for 2 months and you have an option to close the lid on the top.

Q4: Does XYS auto air freshener dangerous for health?
A4: No, all our XYS products are not harmful to health.
Q5.what is XYS air freshener
A5: XYS perfume is a premium vehicle air freshener made using high grade woods and scented with natural fragrances. They're meant to complement the vehicles they're in, and refresh drivers just as much as the space around them.
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