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Aug 28, 2018
Ultrasonic Dog Food Launcher Gun Training Gun very funny Pet Toys Snack Launcher Dog Training Launcher Gun
Ultrasonic Dog Food Launcher Training Gun uses advanced electronic technology to create a new area of interaction between people and dogs. It can be used to amuse and train dogs at anytime and anywhere. It can be used for training while playing and playing while training and this will strengthen the integration of people and dogs. The features of fun and joy make it deserved by every dog lover.
Product features
New & stylish of the appearance,
Ultrasound will punish dogs’ improper behavior,
Spray food to encourage dogs’ good behavior,
Make people and dogs interact which is funny and interesting.
How it work?
The product has a power switch, three ultrasonic emission switches and a trigger. Turn on the power switch to check whether the battery can work properly. If the power is low, please open the battery cover to remove the battery for charging. Reinstall the battery after it is full and turn on the power switch. Trigger the trigger and the food will be sprayed. Press three ultrasonic switches and different intensities of ultrasound will be issued for training dogs.
◆This product is not waterproof. So keep it away from water in case of burning out the circuit inside.
◆Keep it away from corrosion, high temperature and especially fire.
◆It is forbidden to align the muzzle with people to spray food and emit ultrasound, especially children
◆Don`t clean the device withstrong detergent, water or damp cloth. Use dry and soft cloth with some neuter wash to clean the device.
◆Don`t drop the device and make strong striking on it.
◆Avoid exposing your device to very cold or very hot temperatures(below 0℃ or above 45℃) Extreme temperatures can cause the deformation of the device.
◆Do not use this product near fire or flame. Dot not let children use alone.ODM Pet Toys