Death Stranding: Kojima's Latest Surreal, Mysterious Masterpiece.

As E3 approaches and bears us beautiful gifts of developing game release announcements, exciting upcoming future titles, and informative gameplay trailers, one has managed to baffle and intrigue the gaming community as a whole - and that is the Death Stranding gameplay trailer.

Death Stranding, an ambitious title that surfaced during the E3 conference of 2016, has been submerged in a pool of deep, dark mystery that left gamers on the edge of their seats from the moment it hit the public. With haunting, surreal imagery of translucent figures attached to cords, babies wriggling inside of womb-like enclosures, bodies being transported in cases on the backs of futuristic travelers, and desolate wastelands embodying a decayed and destroyed human society, there was no telling what kind of themes would be a part of this title and no hints as to what it could be about.

The concept was originally created by the prolific and much-loved Hideo Kojima, the mastermind of the world-renowned franchise Metal Gear Solid. He developed and released numerous sequels that have left a lasting imprint on gaming history, becoming the basis for many action-centered games in the coming years. It was said to be one of the most anticipated games ever released, and it lived up to its expectations as its story continued through many well-forged games.

Alongside this, his machinations, with the collaboration of critically-acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, sent the community into a frenzy over the game demo P.T. [Playable Teaser], a terrifying step into the world of the newest Silent Hill game. It was a short, sweet experience that sent massive reverberations through gamers, as well as through the horror game scene in general, setting a new bar for what a true horror experience was supposed to be. Tragically, this hype went out with a bang when the studio working with Kojima, Konami, made the decision to boot Kojima from the company.

Silence fell over Kojima’s works until, in 2016, he burst forth from the darkness with a concept that seemed to combine everything he had created from the moment he had released his first major titles. With a combination of horror, action, and thrills, Death Stranding is looking like it’s going to be the next big title and possibly might even revolutionize the action-horror genre.

There are many ins and outs in terms of the game’s overall story and meaning, but we don’t have much to go off of at the moment. Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring about more theories and details as the game progresses, but for now, we can only stir in our own excitement with what masterpiece Kojima is brewing up for us next. I can personally say that I am incredibly excited for this title, and I can only hope that it lives up to the landslide of hype that it has mounted for itself.