GTA 6 showed up on a Rockstar artist's resume

Over on GTA Forums, an eagle-eyed fan has posted a screenshot of a resume belonging to a 3D artist named Michael that listed, among other jobs, a position as a "Jr vehicle artist at Rockstar games". The description of their work was to "Create vehicles matching with the real world for GTA 5 DLC and upcoming GTA 6." Soon after the GTA 6 reference was spotted by members of GTA forums it was removed from Michael’s CV. It remains to be seen if this specific leak turns out to be legit, with previous ones turning out to be pranks. The latest GTA 6 rumors come hot on the heels of a previously alleged leak which claims the new Grand Theft Auto would be out next year.

While Michael's resume on the linked site no longer includes any reference Rockstar India or work done there, his LinkedIn profile does indicate he was employed by the firm during the times listed on the screenshot.

Above: GTA 6 Possible Concept
Image Credit: GTA Fan

GTA 6 release date may still be a while away, but fans of the Rockstar Games series have been delivered an encouraging update ahead of it. GTA 6 rumors have been coming in thick and fast with plenty of claims swirling about the highly anticipated PlayStation and Xbox game. Recently it was claimed that GTA 6 could have a release date in 2020 and that it would be a PS5 exclusive for one month. If the shock claims are true then it would give Sony a big advantage at the start of the next console wars. It’s unclear whether GTA 6 will be solely for next-gen consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Two, or whether it will be cross-gen with PS4 and Xbox One.

And ahead of the GTA 6 release date, big news about the highly anticipated title could have leaked again.

We have reached out to Michael for comment, and will update this article if we hear back.




So if you look at the images inside the picture. You’ll see that top left, top right, and bottom right, are all pictures from GTA V. Bottom left is Watch Dogs 2, and the one behind the Grand Theft Auto VI looks like Sleeping Dogs